"We can't steer the wind, but we can steer the sails".

The Studio Legale Mancini was founded by the lawyer Simone Mancini of the Forum of Fermo in 1997 and is now located in the Street Umbria, 98 in Montegranaro (FM).

The Studio Legale Mancini is made up of a group of qualified and dynamic professionals coordinated by the lawyer Simone Mancini.
Thanks to the long experience gained over the years and the specific skills of the professionals who contribute every day to developing the business, the Studio Legale Mancini offers its customers assistance and advice in various areas of law.

The firm provides all its private clients, businesses and corporate groups of all sizes, legal advice, extrajudicial and judicial assistance.
Thanks to the wide network of collaborations, it is organized to assist all customers in every phase of the dispute, up to the Court of Cassation's judgment.

The Firm guarantees legal assistance in various sectors: criminal law; family law; compensation for damages (road accident; professional liability; medical malpractice, civil liability); debt collection and enforcement procedures; Commercial and corporate law and private and commercial international law, with the collaboration of prestigious foreign law firms.

Meeting, strategy, actions and continuous assistance are guaranteed according to the specific characteristics of customers' needs.
Courtesy in reception, clarity and efficiency in legal strategies are guaranteed according to the specific characteristics of the customer's needs.  



"The secret of justice lies in an ever greater humanity and in an ever greater human closeness between lawyers and judges in the fight against pain: in fact, the trial, and not only the criminal one, is in itself a penalty, which judges and lawyers must shorten by doing justice. "

(Piero Calamandrei), Praise of the judges written by a lawyer.

The Studio Legale Mancini guarantees a solid and passionate criminal defense to achieve the best possible result at the end of the process.


"A right is not what someone gives you; it's what nobody can take away from you."

(Tom C. Clark).

The Studio Legale Mancini guarantees its clients the maximum professionalism and reliability, offering effective legal support for the best protection of rights.


"A right is only the other aspect of a duty."

(Jean Paul Sartre).

The Studio Legale Mancini makes use of the collaboration of forensic doctors and other partisan technical consultants to ascertain and quantify the damage suffered. Road accident, medical Malpractice, compensation for damages from professional liability and compensation for damages from civil liability.


"What does" great lawyer "mean? It means a lawyer useful to the judges to help them decide according to justice, useful to the client to help him assert his reasons. Useful is that lawyer who speaks the bare minimum, who writes clear and concise, who does not clutter the hearing with his intrusive personality, who does not bore the judges with his prolixity and does not suspect them with his subtlety: just the opposite, therefore, of what a certain public means by "great lawyer."

(Piero Calamandrei).

The Studio Legale Mancini has gained consolidated experience in the consultancy and assistance activities of companies and entrepreneurs in matters of commercial and corporate law, guaranteeing customers complete support in defining all the legal profiles related to ordinary and extraordinary corporate management, even in situations of crisis of the company and in the insolvency phases.

The Mancini Law Firm has solid collaborations in Italy and abroad with prestigious Legal and Commercial Studies to follow with competence and preparation practices of PRIVATE AND COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL LAW.

"The law is the indispensable weapon of intelligence against stupidity."
(Rudolf von Jhering).

Thanks to the excellent international contacts of the lawyer Simone Mancini, the firm has consolidated a network of external collaborations with specialized studies in areas of law complementary to the subjects dealt with, such as commercial criminal law or international private and commercial law.


Lawyer - Simone Mancini
Lawyer - Romina Tortolini
Lawyer - Agnese Marinangeli
Secretary - Maria Antonietta Di Chiara